Your smile is the first impression others get from you!

Cosmetic dentistry is more than teeth whitening. 
In our dental clinic we are able to change your smile, your teeth shape, color and alignment as well as close possible gaps between them. We can also repair damaged teeth in a way that resembles your natural shade and shape

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a safe treatment that aims to improve the colour of your teeth to whiter shades, giving you thus a brighter smile. In our clinic we employ the method of ‘home kit whitening’ which shows a more predictable and long-term sustainable aesthetic result. With this kind of treatment we use materials that are less ‘aggressive’ to the tooth structure and result in little or no tooth sensitivity. 
Please ask us for more information in order to plan a whitening treatment that meets your expectations!

Smile Design

A healthy and bright smile is the key to self-confidence! Please ask us for more information on how we can design and change the look of your smile using a combination of treatments in order to achieve the best aesthetic result

Composite Veneers

Composite veneers are minimally invasive aesthetic restorations that aim to alter minimal defects of the teeth (shape, size, colour, inclination, gaps that are present etc). They involve minimal or no drilling of the teeth that gives them the big advantage of not causing any damage to the teeth. The whole procedure is painless and does not require any local anaesthesia. The material used for teeth bonding is similar to the one used for white fillings, in a shade matching your natural teeth so as to achieve a natural-looking result. Composite veneers are made by the dentist and are usually completed in one session.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are highly aesthetic restorations that aim to alter smile imperfections, such as shape, size, colour, inclination, gaps of the teeth. They are also minimally invasive and the procedure usually does not require any local anaesthetic. Porcelain veneers are made in the dental lab by the dental technician and are subsequently cemented by the dentist. They usually require 2 sessions to be completed

All-Ceramic Crowns

All- ceramic crowns are highly aesthetic restorations used to treat teeth that are extensively filled or damaged in order to prevent them from breaking. They are also used in smile rehabilitation when more conservative options (veneers, orthodontics) cannot be used. They are used as an alternative option to the older metal-ceramic crowns which achieved a less aesthetic result due to having a metal core that could not mimic completely the natural colour of the teeth. Also, all-ceramic crowns are completely biocompatible and are the best choice for patients that have a history of metal allergies.